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About the ./configure option

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I have a question about the configure command on Linux. In my Linux environment, type ./configure -h

usage: ./configure [-d | -s | -f | -os os | -mach mach | -time timecommand] [chem] [kpp]

Is displayed, but the meaning of each option is not understood. Is there anyone who can explain each option?
You have stumbled upon something that needs to be cleaned up in our code. The only options that actually work are (along with their descriptions):
-d build with debugging information and no optimization
-D build with debugging info, no optimization, plus floating traps, traceback, uninitialized variables
-r8 build with 8 byte reals

Thanks for bringing this up so that we can hopefully get this cleaned-up prior to the next release!
I was confused by an option that was different from the description in the “User's Guide”. I realized that the above three functions actually work. thank you very much!