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About the feedabck


New member
Dear all,

I know very little about the feedback. I read the user guide, and I know that this is the key to two-way nesting. I know that when Feedback is 'true', the subdomain overwrites the parent domain. The question is will the overwritten parent domain further affect the subdomain in the following simulation? or , When does the parent domain provide the initial and boundary to the subdomain?
Does feeedback work for chemistry in WRF-Chem. Does the species concentrations in the subdomain overwrite the concentration of species in the parent domain?

with regards
Shiyu Li
Hi Shiyu,
This is a good question. When feedback is turned on, results on child domain will 'feedback' to replace the results on grids of parent domain. Note that parent domain simulations will be used to produce lateral forcing for child domain run, and thus the answer to the question whether the parent domain will affect child domain is yes. The parent domain only provides lateral forcing to child domain at every time step (parent domain time step).
What I am talking is WRF-ARW. However, I am pretty sure that WRF-CHEM works the same way.