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About time and speed


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I want to run 100x100 Km, 1Km of resolution and 35 vertical levels for 1 year. I hope that the simulation last 1 or 2 days. How many processor I should use?
I see the post where recommend this:

For your smallest-sized domain:
((e_we)/25) * ((e_sn)/25) = most amount of processors you should use

For your largest-sized domain:
((e_we)/100) * ((e_sn)/100) = least amount of processors you should use

But, the most amount of processors should 16 cores, isn´t?
I'm new in WRF
Yes, as a rough estimate, 16 cores would probably be about the most you should use. This number can vary slightly, depending on several factors, but you can give it a try to test.