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Accumulated precipitation in WRF


New member

I am new to the WRF model and am using someone else's data (so I don't have access to the namelist file etc.). I am wanting to examine how the accumulated precipitation varies during the simulation. I saw on some other posts that the variables to use for this are RAINC and RAINNC. However, I noticed that these variables do not monotonically increase over time, whereas I would expect accumulated precipitation to monotonically increase. Are these typically calculated as a moving average? Or is there something else that I am missing about what these variables represent?

Thank you!
If you look at the standard wrfout files, then rainc and rainnc should monotonically increase with time. This is because the two variables are accumulated variables, and they definitely should increase with model integration time.
Yes the same occured, the values of precipitation decreased in between.
So is it not accumulated.

Mine is a moving vortex case