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Accumulated snow not zero at initial time on nested grids


I have a nested WRF run in which I launch a nested grid 6 hours after the outer grid. In the first history file on the nest, the accumulated snow and snow melt fields (ACSNOW, ACSNOM) are non-zero. Apparently they are interpolated from the outer grid. Instead, I want these accumulations to start at 0, and not have the imprint of the outer grid field. How can I stop these variables from being interpolated onto the nested grid at the initial time? Thanks.
First, I would like to apologize for the very long delay in response. We have been tied up preparing for the current WRF tutorial taking place and have gotten behind on forum inquiries. Unfortunately, there isn't an easy solution to your issue. It may be possible to make some modifications in the code, or in the physics routines or tables, but there isn't a simple way to turn off the boundary/initial conditions from being interpolated to the nest.