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Add mean sea level pressure (PMSL) to tslist



I would like to add PMSL (mean sea level pressure) to my time series output. I have already successfully added several other variables via an "outfields.txt" file to the time series output (for tslist locations), but for "PMSL" I get the following warning:
W A R N I N G : Unable to modify mask for pmsl. Variable not found. File: outfields.txt at line 1
I know that there is a WRF-Python function for that (wrf_slp) using wrfout-files, but as I am doing very large simulations, I can't save all wrfout-files because they are too big, so I would like to just add the PMSL variable to the tslist output.

Can you please help me how to do that?

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PMSL is not a state variable in WRF. It is diagnosed in post process package. I guess you will need to add its diagnostics every time step, the manage to add it to TS.