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Adding new module to WRF-LES model

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New member
Hello - We have developed, tested and validated a new formulation—bPlume-WRF-LES model— within the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) Model to simulate the two-way coupling between the atmospheric boundary layer (ABL) and gas plume (denser and lighter) released into the atmosphere. The existing WRF large-eddy simulation (WRF-LES) modeling system was modified by coupling an additional transport equation for the plume gas mixture and by accounting for the buoyant production term in the turbulence kinetic energy equation. The code has been tested and validated. With the new feature, buoyant plumes e.g. wildland fire plumes can be simulated that will accurately account for the TKE production from buoyancy generated by the plume.
We want to add this feature to the official WRF version for potential users. Please let us know the necessary steps.

Kiran Bhaganagar
Hi Kiran,
Take a look at this page, which explains the process of submitting new code to the model. Thank you for the work you've done!