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Adding to wrfout?



I see UOCE and VOCE in wrfinput. I can successfully overwrite these with my current data. I want to use the currents as a static boundary condition to see how the atmosphere responds. Is there a way for me to see VOCE and UOCE in the wrfout files so I can confirm they exist and are static at each time step?

2. Temperature
This may be a silly question, but how do I get temperature in the atmosphere from wrfout? I see all kinds of temperature (potential, skin, 2m, etc). I'm using WRF Python, which has a function for computing temperature from potential temperature and a reference temperature. Is there a wrfout variable for atmospheric temperature or reference temperature? Do I need to add it to the output somehow?



1. To output VOCE and UOCE, I believe you can use the Runtime I/O option to force them into the wrfout* files.

2. It's correct that standard 3d temperature is not a variable that is calculated for output. However, there are various diagnostic options that will allow you to obtain these data. Take a look at that section of the Users' Guide and choose the one that caters to your needs.
Thank you. I see I can output a number of variables on pressure levels. That's probably what I need. I didn't know that could be done!

I was just watching this NCAR WRF help video on the Runtime I/O option. I'll include it just in case any future users read this:

I made my text files to add UOCE and VOCE to a new stream output for 3 domains. I've included the 3 text files, my namelist.input, and rsl.error. The rsl.error says that it ran successfully, but I see a warning that it can't read my first text file and doesn't try to read the others. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.


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In your my_d01.txt file, you have


You need to add a colon between the '+' and the 'h', like this