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Alternative WRFDA resources?


New member

I've noticed that the WRFDA section of this forum seems to receive less attention compared to the main WRF section, and posts often go unanswered by the admins. I understand that WRFDA may be a more specialized area, which might explain the lower responsiveness.

I was wondering if anyone could kindly suggest any alternative sources or platforms where I could seek support for WRFDA-related inquiries. It would be greatly appreciated as I have several questions for my current project.

Thank you!
Unfortunately WRFDA is no longer officially supported, which makes it difficult for staff to allocate time to answer the WRFDA questions. Those of us who answer the basic WRF, WPS, MPAS-A, and WRF-chem questions are not trained in WRFDA topics. However, I've reached out to our lab leadership to ask how we need to address this issue moving forward. They are hoping to be able to fund someone to answer the WRFDA support questions, but it hasn't been resolved yet. I understand the frustration and wish I had a better answer for you.

Okay that explains things - thank you. If WRFDA is no longer officially supported, is there another way that running ensembles has become standard practice within WRF, other than 3DVAR which is part of WRFDA?