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Anomalous treatment of namelist option sf_urban_physics

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Chris Thomas

New member
I am using WRF 4.02, with two domains (inner and outer). The user guide lists the sf_urban_physics namelist option as being a single scalar (ie not dimension max_dom). Thereore I use

sf_urban_physics = 1

in the namelist.

The WRF standard output (debug level 500) tells me:

--- NOTE: sf_urban_physics option must be identical in each domain
--- NOTE: ----> Resetting namelist values to that defined on the inner most domain

and I get sf_urban_physics = 0, the default for the inner domain which was not specified in the namelist.

I think that either the code should be changed so that the namelist option is a single value (which it should be if it is to be the same for each nest), or the documentation should be changed to show that it is of dimension max_dom.


Hi Chris,
Thanks for pointing this out. I have updated the documentation to show that it should be a "max_dom" variable. Because of the way that the code is written, we can't make it just a single variable, so unfortunately you'll need to set it to the same value for each domain.

Thanks Kelly.
Perhaps the documentation should also make it clear that the values for sf_urban_physics must be the same for each nest.
Hi Chris,
This is the case for all of the namelist physics options (with the exception of cu_physics and PBL, which can be turned off for particular domains), so I updated the latest version (v4.1) of the Users' Guide namelist descriptions to indicate this for all of those, including sf_urban_physics. Thanks for the suggestions!