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are SRTM data used or not?


Dear forum,
by reading the log file, I am not sure if the SRTM data were used in the processing. I see that "default" is used but not "topo_3s" which should have been the data. I followed the steps as proposed in the advaned tutorial. I attach the log file and the index and namelist file. many thanks for your help.
projection = regular_ll
known_x = 1
known_y = 3601
known_lat = 49.000000
known_lon = 15.000000
dx = 2.777778e-04
dy = 2.777778e-04
type = continuous
signed = yes
units = "meters MSL"
description = "Topography height"
wordsize = 4
tile_x = 2291
tile_y = 2291
tile_z = 1
tile_bdr = 3
missing_value = 32768
scale_factor = 1.000000
row_order = bottom_top
endian = little


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When you enter the namelist.wps settings for "geog_data_res," you should list "topo_3s" first (i.e., 'topo_3s+default') so that geogrid will read the SRTM data first and then use default for any fields not provided with the SRTM data. Since you have it set as "default+topo_3s," it's finding all the topography data it needs in the default data and has no need to move on to look for fields in the SRTM data. Also, make sure you are modifying the GEOGRID.TBL file to point to recognize the "topo_3s" setting, and to point to the right path to find that dataset.
I'm not familiar with globcover observations. If it's input that you will use as first-guess data, like you did for the SRTM data, then I assume the procedure would be the same, but if you are using observations to "correct" the first guess data, then you probably need to use the OBSGRID program to use some sort of nudging.