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ARWpost is asking to increase MAX_NVARS

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[sahir@un01 ARWpost]$ ./ARWpost.exe

ARWpost v3.1

FOUND the following input files:


Processing time --- 2018-08-01_00:00:00
Found the right date - continue
ERROR: Number of processed variables exceeds MAX_NVARS, please check and adjust MAX_NVARS in src/output_module.F90

I have increased that to 2000, still the error remains

MODULE output_module

USE input_module
USE module_model_basics
USE module_arrays
USE module_interp

integer, parameter :: MAX_NVARS = 2000 !!! maximum number of variables, increase if needed
integer :: time, rec, ivars !!! process time ; rec in .dat file ; variables in .dat file
integer :: cunit, dunit !!! .ctl and .dat output files
character (len=128) :: ctlfile, datfile
character (len=200), dimension(300) :: ctl_var_string !!! List of fields for .ctl file
character (len=2000) :: could_not_find !!! Keep list of what we wrote out
character (len=19) :: tdef_date !!! Output start date
character (len=40) :: tdef !!! tdef string in .ctl file
character (len=10), dimension(300) :: varnames
integer :: numvars
After you increased MAX_NVARS, did you recompile ARWpost? You'll need to recompile to include the modification.