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ARWpost is not complete


case 1: Run WRF: 2022-08-30_00:00:00 to 2022-10-03_00:00:00 every 3 hour
case 2: Run WRF: 2022-10-30_00:00:00 to 2022-12-03_00:00:00 every 3 hour

STOP case1: 2022-09-30_00:00:00
STOP case2: 2022-11-30_00:00:00

Why ARWpost is broken processing time at the same time?




  • namelist.input
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  • namelist.ARWpost.txt
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Can you issue the following command:

ncdump -v Times wrfout_d02_2022-10-30_00_00_00 >& ncdump.txt

and then attach that ncdump.txt file? Thanks!
The dates shown in the ndcump.txt file are all for 2020, but your namelist.input and namelist.ARWpost have 2022 dates. Can you make sure you're doing the ncdump command on the correct wrfout* file? Thanks!

 Times =
I've been runWRF for many years so I'm confused.
Thanks you,Kwerner


  • ncdump.txt
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So this is the file specified in your namelist.ARWpost file
input_root_name = './wrfout_d02_2022-10-30_00_00_00'

And this is the start date in the ncdump.txt file you recently sent.
 :SIMULATION_START_DATE = "2022-08-30_00:00:00" ;
It looks like that data started with 2022-08-30_00 and ended with 2022-10-03_00

The namelist.input file you sent shows starting and ending dates of
2022-10-30_00 to 2022-12-03_00

So without seeing the matching information (file printout - ncdump) for the specified time period/file in the namelists, it's hard for me to see what's going on. If you're able to provide the ncdump.txt file for the file that matches the namelists, I may be able to help.
I'm not sure if this file
I'm sorry, I tried so many things and got confused.
Thanks you,Kwerner.


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  • namelist.ARWpost.txt
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  • ncdump_case2.txt
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Okay, those all match. Thank you for taking the time to send those. I can see the issue now. I've not come across this error before, so I did a little digging online and found this article, which seems to discuss exactly what you're seeing and how to fix it. Can you give this a try and let me know?