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Asking for advice for simulation

Khin Myat

Now I am running wrf arw simulation with typhoon case. I runed the simulation for 6days. But when i checked the results with the observed data, the simulation results drastically increased between day 4 and 5. I think that it is a little strange. How can I fix that kind of problem.? What will be the problem for this kind of situation?
When simulation is run with typhoon case, is there any recommendation for namelist.input?
I attached my simulation namelist.input and result.

Thank you in advance for your time.



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We recommend using the vortex-following capability of WRF for typhoon simulation. As for the unrealistic results after 4-5 days, how abut other variables like minimum MSLP?
Dear Ming Chen,
Thank you for your advice and reply. The minimum simulated psfc is 972.50 hpa. The observed atmospheric pressure at that weather station is 982.2hpa. The pressure difference is 10 hpa. I think it is not a big difference. Will that be a problem for the simulation result?
I will try and learn to run the simulation with the vortex-following capacity.
Thank you very much for your advice.

Best ,
Thanks for the update. Typhoon simulation is always a challenging issue, and the accuracy of the simulated track and intensity depends on many factors such model physics, domain size, grid interval, initial condition and lateral forcing, etc. Many detailed discussion can be found in the literature. Hope you can find more helpful information for your case studies.
Dear Ming Chen,
Thank you for your reply and advice. I will search detail discussion of your point.
Have a great day.

Hello, Khin Myat.
I am also learning about numerical simulation of typhoons and am not very proficient in post-processing at the moment. May I ask what language you use for your wrfout files? Is it NCL or python? As well as would you be willing to share your post-processing code?
Hello, Goldenbear,
I use only NCL for my post processing. I just modify the example NCL script for the post-processing.