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azimuthal averaged values of wrf outputs

wilfred kessy

New member

I am studying tropical cyclone's structure using WRF. I am stuck on how to plot height-radius azimuthal averaged values of wrf outputs (Wind speed and diabatic heating).

kindly assist me with a script to plot these variables
Please see the attached script and png file. Hope it is helpful for you.


  • azimuthal_avg.png
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  • tst_polar.avg.ncl.txt
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greetings Sir

This script is very useful thank you very much.

however, am struggling to extract wind data and put it into pressure levels at this part below. I don't know how to define the variable from the wrfout file so that it will have four dimensions as a bogus data (xx) is defined below. kindly help

xx = random_uniform(-8,100, (/ntim,nlev,Nlat,Nlon/)) ; data: rectilinear grid
xx!0 = "time"
xx!1 = "plev"
xx!2 = "lat"
xx!3 = "lon"
xx&time = time
xx&plev = plev
xx&lat = lat
xx&lon = lon
xx@long_name = "Bogus Data"
xx@units = "Whatever"