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Bad link in WRF V4.4 release notes

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In the bullet list for WRFDA in the 4.4 release notes the "Details" link for the entry "The WRFDA code is corrected to reduce memory usage for “ob_format=1” (i.e., bufr for conventional obs) and “thin_conv=.true.” " points to a P3 microphysics PR.

Also, why can't the release notes be added to the WRF tar file? Or at least put the link to the release notes in the (no longer used) README file.
I've moved this topic from the Compiling WRF section, to the Miscellaneous WRF section, as it is not related to compiling the code.

Thanks for pointing that out. I've fixed the link so that it points to the correct commit now. As for putting the notes or a link in the code, itself, perhaps we can consider adding the unchanging link to the "WRF Releases" page, though I'm not sure that provides much to users, as the link does not change. We are pretty low on resources these days and are trying to find ways to do things more efficiently. One of the ways to help is to only have a single location where things need to be updated for each release.