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Bottom Boundary Condition and Stability in Idealized LES

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First, thank you very much for your interest.

I am trying to run a 3D idealized LES simulation for nearshore. And I was able to modify the code and input the landmask information.

But I am still not sure how I can set arbitrary atmospheric stability in the simulation using the input information written in "input_sounding".
I guess the information from the input-sounding can be used to determine a surface heat flux and accordingly instability?

At the same time, I think SST should be given to offshore grids, but I can not find where I can initially set arbitrary value to the grid.
(Or TSK is still valid for offshore grids as well?)

I am quite interested in running an idealized LES simulation for each stability condition.
So, may I have advice or instruction regarding the above questions?

Thank you very much for your support in advance.

Best regards,
I apologize for the delay. We have a problem with our server and none of us are getting our email notifications for new posts. We just realized this, so I'm going through now, finding posts that haven't been addressed.

For idealized cases, the sounding must be the same in all locations across the domain. It cannot vary from one grid to another. And you should be able to use TSK. It can be modified to change the surface temperature for both land and water.