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Building WRF on NERSC facility(Cori and Edison)

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Dear all

I would like to build and run WRF on NERSC super computing facility. I have been trying to figure out the right combination of compilers to run build(and compile the model). But without success.

Can you please help with the right combination of compilers and libraries required to run the model? ANd if someone has already run the model on these facilities, can you please let me know the location of the input files required so that I don't have to download again.

Thank you
We have no access to NERSC super computer, which makes it hard for us to figure out the options necessary for building WRF. Please take a look at this document Probably you can find helpful information or support.
Hi Netsanet...

I see from the NERSC web pages that CORI is a Cray XC40 and EDISON is a Cray XC30.

I've ran WRF with no problems on a Cray XC30 a few years ago. I really love its performance. Yours
should be fine, though 64gb of memory per node might be skimpy. I've not used a Cray XC40.

You'll want the Intel compiler, which is more or less the standard. I've never run the Portland compiler on
WRF anywhere. Most system do not install it.

If configured, you'll want to check out hyperthreading. I had superior results using HT. Runs were in support
of the NOAA Hazardous Weather Testbed (HWT) experiment.