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can e_we and e_sn be set as decimals

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Dear Colleagues,

I would like to make sure the same simulation area with different dx and dy, which means the different e_we and e_sn.

I plan to set e_we and e_sn as follows:
dx and dy e_we and e_sn
250m 200
500m 100
750m 200/3≈67
1000m 50
1500m 100/3≈33
2000m 25
2500m 20
3000m 50/3≈17

Do you think my setting for resolution 750m, 1500m and 3000m are correct?

Best wishes,
You must use integers for the values of e_we and e_sn. Take a look at this document, which should help to answer some of your questions. You can also always refer to the Registry.EM_COMMON file (wrf/Registry/Registry.EM_COMMON) for what is allowed. For example, if you search for e_we in that file, you will see
rconfig   integer e_we                    namelist,domains      max_domains    32      irh    "e_we"          ""      ""
So you can see that an integer is required.