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can we install and run WRF using virtual cpu's with the help of intel compilers?

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Kindly suggest me regarding the following:

Can we install and run WRF using virtual cpu's with the help of intel compilers. If yes, what is the minimum number of virtual cpu's are required to generate 72 hr forecast run with 15 mins temporal resolution and 9 km spatial resolution for 400 * 400 grid points?. How much virtual cpu performance will degrade when compared to physical cpu's?

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I first would like to apologize for the delay in response to this inquiry. This post was apparently overlooked by our team.

It is possible to use virtual CPU's to run WRF, but unfortunately we do not have a lot of statistics on them, and therefore cannot answer your questions. As with standard CPU's, the number of processors necessary to run something is dependent on several factors, including the size of the domain, resolution, which physics options are being used, etc. For whatever machine you are running this on, I would suggest determining how the virtual CPU's equate to the standard CPU's. For instance on an Amazon Web Services cloud computing environment, each standard CPU = 2 virtual CPU's. Then you can formulate your answer based on the number of standard CPU's. For general guidance on determining a safe number of processors to use, you can follow the logic stated here: