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Cannot Compile WRFDA


New member
Good day,

I want to compile WRFDA by following this tutorial: Chapter 6: WRFDA. I am able to compile and build all of the executables, except for the da_wrfvar.exe.

Upon looking the compile logs, the reason is this line (and variations of it):


4223 | real ,DIMENSION(grid%sm31:grid%em31,grid%sm33:grid%em33,grid%sm32:grid%em32,num_irr_diag_mozcart) :: irr_diag_mozcart
| 1
Error: Symbol ‘num_irr_diag_mozcart’ at (1) has no IMPLICIT type; did you mean ‘irr_diag_mozcart’?

What could be causing this? I would guess that 'num_irr_diag_mozcart' should be defined somewhere, but it is either not compiled properly or is missing. I am attaching here the full compile logs as well.

I was compiling it on GNU Fortran 9.4.0.


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