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wrfda compiling/installation

  1. W

    How to Install WRF/WPS with Intel Classic Compilers

    Good morning to all WRF (Weather Research and Forecasting model) users, As many of you might be aware, there are comprehensive tutorials and guides available for installing WRF using GNU compilers. These can be accessed at the following links: - [NCAR WRF Online Tutorial] Compiling WRF - [UCAR...
  2. W

    How to Fix: Rank mismatch between actual argument at (1) and actual argument at (2) (scalar and rank-1)

    The recent releases of Ubuntu 22 and Ubuntu 23 by Canonical introduced several changes to their base operating system, including significant updates to the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC). Specifically, these versions have been upgraded to GCC 11 and GCC 12, respectively. A noteworthy aspect of...
  3. A

    Error while compiling WRFDA

    While compiling WRFDA only 10 executable was created from 44 executable. The configuration was successful using gfortran but while compilation all the executable were not formed. The main error found was- make[1]: [da.make:167: da_wrfvar.exe] Error 127 (ignored). I'm attaching compile.log file...
  4. C

    Cannot Compile WRFDA

    Good day, I want to compile WRFDA by following this tutorial: Chapter 6: WRFDA. I am able to compile and build all of the executables, except for the da_wrfvar.exe. Upon looking the compile logs, the reason is this line (and variations of it): da_wrfvar_top.f:4223:101: 4223 | real...
  5. ashish__shaji

    var/build/da_rad_diags.exe not created

    sir/ Ma'am, I have being trying to configure and compile WRF-DA in my system. Although compiling the model was completed, one of the executable (var/build/da_rad_diags.exe) file was not created. all the other 43 executables were created successffully. Can anyone help me with this.
  6. M

    error compiling wgrib2

    I am trying to install wgrib2 on ubuntu 20. After defining CC=gcc, FC=gfortran, then I type make. I get the error: makefile:241: *** need fortran-95+TR-15581/fortran-2003 compiler, not f77. Stop. Can I edit the makefile to put f90 on the indicated line 241 instead of f77?
  7. S

    Segmentation fault in WRFDA when assimilating AHI data

    When I assimilate the AHI data on WRFDAV4.4, I get a memory error, but when I assimilate it at another time, it works fine, and I have re-downloaded the data several times with the same problem. According to the output of the rsl.out file, the program ended at the time of the VARBC. I would...
  8. G

    Unable to compile all_wrfvar WRFDA

    Hello, I am trying to compile the data assimilation routines available in WRFDA. I have successfully compiled WRFPLUS, but I get several errors when trying to compile WRFDA (./compile all_wrfvar). In particular, I get errors of the form: ./libwrfvar.a(da_netcdf_interface.o): in function...
  9. D


    Good morning, So I saw this in the release notes for 4.4.1 Just so I understand correctly, this means that WRFDA and WRFPLUS functionality are now enabled for WRF-CHEM? I want to include them in my scripts but I don't want to add them if they are not truly functional.
  10. D

    WRFDA file conversion

    Good morning I am trying to use obsproc or obsgrid to nudge my wrf run with metar data. But metar data is in ascii and it needs to be in little_r. I don't have any programming language experience to do this. Does anyone have a script in any language or programming code that does this?
  11. J

    WRFDA Compile Error

    Hi All, I am trying to compile WRFDA and am running into issues. We are using the PGI compiler. WRF and WRFPLUS compile successfully, but the process always ends with an error for WRFDA. I was hoping someone had some idea of what could be going on. I have attached my compile log to the post...
  12. D

    WRFDA 4DVAR compiliation in parallel

    Good afternoon, I am wondering if you can compile WRFDA 4DVAR in parallel? I can compile and make all the other WRF code in parallel but when I do 4DAR in parallel it gives some fatal errors. Is WRFDA 4DVAR not parallel enabled? My code that I am using is this: Where $CPU_HALF_EVEN is half...
  13. N

    WRFDA ifort Error 5082: Syntax error

    Dear Wrf Community, I have tried to compile WRFDA4.4 after succesfully compiling WRF/WPS4.4 with intel ifort. I have a problem in compile that it seems related to a sintax error with module_configure.f90, module_domain.f90, module_nesting.f90 (all f90). Part of log: /lib/cpp -C -P -traditional...
  14. H

    Can't find hdf5_hldll when building NetCDF to use with WRF

    Hello, Following the instructions here I've built zlib (1.2.12), HDF5 (hdf5-1.12.0) and trying to now build NetCDF (4.8.1) but during the configure I'm getting a message that hdf5_hldll can't be found. Does anybody know if there is a way to 1) Have NetCDF not require this library or 2) Build...
  15. L


    Dear users, I am currently using WRF-Chem, version 4.2.2. In the WRFDA user manual there is a section called "Aerosol/Chemical Data Assimilation", which says: Aerosol/Chemical data...
  16. B

    compile WRFDA with WRF-Chem

    I tried to compile WRFDA 3.6.1 with export WRF_CHEM=1 But there is one error saying that WRFDA can not compile with WRFChem. I am wandering whether WRFDA can compile with WRFChem. Thank you