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Cannot progress WRF-Chem beyond a couple of hours: error (78) process killed (SIGTERM)


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Hi all,

Fairly new WRF-Chem user here. I'm trying to run WRF-Chem with CMBZ/Mosaic over northern Australia, nested simulation with resolutions of 27, 9 and 3 km. I am unable to progress the simulation beyond the first few hours, with persistent SIGTERM errors ( "error (78): process killed (SIGTERM)").

I am using ERA5 analysis, and I have successfully created biomass burning emission files, anthropogenic emission files and chemistry boundary conditions (from WAACCM download, using mozbc).

Things I have tried the following, none of which have worked:
  • I cannot find any CFL errors, but in case vertical instability is causing the issue I have tested altering the timestep down from 120 s to 108, 81 and 60, within recommended ranges
  • Tried varying the number of processors, including 16, 20, 24, 28
  • Tried w_damping = 1
  • Tried turning off biomass burning emissions
  • Tried turning the cumulus scheme off
Error information in the wrf.log file, I can't find anywhere how to interpret this:
mpirun detected that one or more processes exited with non-zero status, thus causing
the job to be terminated. The first process to do so was:
Process name: [[12481,1],5]
Exit code: 174

There are also some NetCDF errors in the rsl.error.* files, I am not sure where these come from and/if they could be causing the problem, for example:
d01 2023-03-27_00:00:00 NetCDF error: NetCDF: Attribute not found
d01 2023-03-27_00:00:00 NetCDF error in ext_ncd_get_dom_ti.code REAL, line 83 Element POLE_LAT

Any help greatly appreciated, feeling very stuck here. Namelists, wrf.log and rsl.error.0000 attached (rsl file zip compressed because it is large).


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