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Can't run WRF from wrfrst files


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I am trying to run a hi-res simulation over a span of several days. The initial run of the model, where restart = .false., runs perfectly fine and produces restart files at the desired time for each of the 3 domains I am running. However, when I set this parameter to .true., I always receive the 'forrtl: severe (66)' error. It doesn't appear that the debug lines really help in determining what is actually wrong with this, though I've gathered from glancing at other forums that this relates to some sort of overflow. Do I have an issue in my namelist?

Thank you in advance for any advice you have to offer.


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You're right that debug_level isn't typically very useful. Can you try to run this again, setting debug_level = 0, and then package up all of the *.out and *.error files (e.g., rsl.error.*) into a single *.tar file, and attach that file, along with the updated namelist.input file? Thanks!
Thank you for your reply. It turns out that the issue is related to the 'rst_inname' line, where the overflow occurs due to a path string that surpasses a certain limit. This has been mentioned in a previous forum post, which is linked below:

Thanks again for your time!
Thanks for letting me know. Were you able to use the solution provided in that post to help you get past the issue?
Hello, I met a similar issue. I am running high resolution (WRF LES) using WRF 4.4 over a span of two days. The initial run of the model, where restart = .false., runs ok and generated restart files after 12 hours each of the 6 domains. But, when I set restart to .true., and changed the simulation is always stuck/frozen at the beginning as shown below, however, the computation time (wall time) is still running. I am using NAS pledias system. The namelist is attached here. Could you please help me take a look? Thanks a lot for all your help in advance.
tail rsl.out.0000
ips,ipe,jps,jpe 1 13 1 13
ids,ide,jds,jde 36 74 36 74
ims,ime,jms,jme 31 51 31 51
ips,ipe,jps,jpe 34 41 34 41
d03 2023-05-26_03:00:00 alloc_space_field: domain 4 , 8860572 bytes allocated
d03 2023-05-26_03:00:00 alloc_space_field: domain 4 , 62070288 bytes allocated
RESTART: nest, opening wrfrst_d04_2023-05-26_03:00:00 for reading
d03 2023-05-26_03:00:00 Input data is acceptable to use: wrfrst_d04_2023-05-26_03:00:00


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