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CFL errors

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I am trying to set up wrf at 9 km resolution and lambert projection for a 612x452 domain over North America, and I am getting the following error message in the wrf log. I have attached the wrf log and namelist input files. I have tried runs with a smaller timestep (18 sec) and increased epssm value, but still get this error. I would appreciate any suggestions.


d01 2015-05-02_13:00:00 18647 points exceeded cfl=2 in domain d01 at time 2015-05-02_13:00:00 hours

d01 2015-05-02_13:00:00 MAX AT i,j,k: 10 11 52 vert_cfl,w,d(eta)= 676.2153 1.2882601E+07 1.7862998E-02

Timing for main: time 2015-05-02_13:00:27 on domain 1: 25.17122 elapsed seconds


Thank you,


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Hi Shubhi,
If you issue this:
grep cfl rsl.*
do you see several more cfl errors?

Thanks for your response.
Yes, I see this error in multiple log files. I have shared only one log file here.

What type of input data are you using that has 138 levels? Is the p_top of the model really only 10000 Pa? If not, try to decrease that to 5000 and see if that helps any.