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Change restart/wrfinput file

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I am running WRF over Antarctica and I have ran the same year several times. As the snow pack needs some time to reach its equilibrium, I would like to avoid running two years of simulation by updating the restart and wrfinput files at the beginning of the simulation with the values of the final step (i.e. updating the soil/snow variables in wrfrst_d01_2012-01-01 with the values from wrfrst_d01_2012-12-31). I successfully managed to get all the variables updated in both wrfrst and wrfinput but the first steps of the wrf simulation have results only slightly altered compared to the original run. Is there another file that I have to alter? is there some routine overwriting the values read from wrfrst and wrfinput?

Thanks a lot!
I'm not sure I understand what you are trying to do, or why. If I understand correctly, you want to simulate 2 years, but you don't want to have to actually run 2 separate years, so you are just running 2012 again, but using the values from the end of 2012 to update the values at the beginning of 2012?

Restart runs use the wrfrst* file as a replacement to the wrfinput file, but there are still values held in the wrfbdy_d01 file that are used to update the simulation at every time interval, so just overwriting the initial file will likely not make much of an impact on the overall results from the simulation - which sounds like what you are seeing. Unfortunately it's best to just use the actual input data for 2013.
I have the same issue. I want to investigate how long-term spinup affect the WRF model. However, when I finish one year of simulation, I can't apply the wrfrst for the start of the year. e.g. I run the full 2018 and got wrfrst_2019-01-01_00:00:00 but when I apply this restart file for the 2018-01-01_00:00:00 the wrfout of 2018 seems stuck (I check the CFRACT file, no change for 6 hours of simulation).

So my question is, how do we take the output of land surface properties from WRF as input for the other run? Thanks in advance!
As I mentioned above, a wrfrst* file is used in place of a wrfinput* file. You would need to make modifications to the file to change all the date information to the start of the previous year. However, as I also mentioned, you will still need boundary data, which is at particular intervals (e.g., every 6 hours) and each file is specific to the date/time. So unless you modified every one of those, as well, you wouldn't be able to do this with much success.