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Changing land use classification system

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I'have been working with wrf v4. I found that by default my geogrid files have the Noah-modified 21-category IGBP-MODIS landuse classification system to determine the types of soil and so on.
Nevertheless, I have to work with 27-class USGS or 20-class MODIS. I'm not familiar with this systems or their differences, but from the tables I found online, they do have different assignations. How is this selected? In the technical description of wrf I found they changed some variables in the namelist.wps but I don't really understand what they do.
This is more or less the same question as in these three other posts:

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Hi Jana,
Regarding how these different landuse classifications are selected, please see Chapter 3 of the WRF User's Guide. As for the difference between the datasets, you likely will need to refer to the groups that support/manage the data for detailed information. We have some information available in this FAQ, but you may have to do a bit of searching for additional information, as that is not something that's available to us. I apologize for the inconvenience.