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Changing Registry.EM

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I am working on a project using WRF-ARW v3.6.1 and have a question regarding adding variables to the registry prior to compilation in order to access them through the history output.

I have successfully configured and compiled this version of the WRF in the past, but while using the same steps after adjusting the Registry, I receive errors during compilation and end up with an unsuccessful compile of em_real. I was curious if there are other steps necessary to add variables to the registry in order to have a successful WRF compilation. The lines I have added are posted below. During configuration I use a 64bit dmpar (15) with basic nesting.

Thank you for your help.

state real muu ij dyn_em 1 - hr "muu"
state real muv ij dyn_em 1 - hr "muv"
state real mut ij dyn_em 1 - hr "mut"
state real alt ikj dyn_em 1 - rh "alt" "inverse density"
Can you please send your full modified registry file, along with your configure.wrf file and your compile log? Thanks!
I have attached my compile log and registry file, let me know if you need anything else.


  • compile.log
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  • Registry_EM.log
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The error messages listed in your compile log are:
module_domain_type.f90(4093): error #6459: This field name has been defined more than once within the same structure.   [MUU]
real      ,DIMENSION(:,:)     ,POINTER   :: muu
module_domain_type.f90(4093): error #6227: This symbol has multiple POINTER statement/attribute declarations which is not allowed.   [MUU]
real      ,DIMENSION(:,:)     ,POINTER   :: muu

for each of the variables you added to your Registry.EM file. I believe this is because these variables are all already accounted for in the Registry.EM_COMMON file, so there shouldn't be a need to also put them in Registry.EM.