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Changing the Registry


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Hi there,

Is it possible to include variables from the 'registry.trad_fields' and 'registry.diags' in the main history output? I would like to have a single output file with U_ZL, V_ZL (for 2 extra levels, 80m and 100m) and SEALEVELP. If it is doable, how can I do it? These variables are not present in the main registry file, and can only be obtained by turning on the flags in the &diags section of namelist.input. I wonder if there is a workaround to get them all in a single file.

Thank you!
Hi! I appreciate the reply

So, if I added this to a my_file_d01.txt (along with iofields_filename = 'my_file_d01.txt' in the &time_control section of the namelist.input):


These variables would be added to the wrfout_d<domain>_<date> main history? I guess I would still need to add the registry flags in a &diags section in the namelist.input, but I wouldn't need to add a different output stream in the &time_control section. Am I understanding this correcly?
Thanks again!
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It is correct that you won't need to add another stream in the &time_control section and that those variables should then print out in your standard history files (wrfout*). You shouldn't need to make any modifications to the Registry file if you're using this option, though. This option removes the hassle of needing to modify the registry and to fully recompile the code.