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Closing Pleim-Xiu LSM surface energy budget

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I am trying to compute the surface energy budget of PX land surface model by the following equations as suggested in

GSW=(1-ALBEDO)*SWDOWN: net shortwave radiative flux
GLW: downward longwave radiative flux
LWUPFLUX = STBOLT*TSK**4: where STBOLT is the Stefan-Boltzmann constant
netLW = EMISS*(GLW-LWUPFLUX): net long wave radiative flux
net radiative flux: RNET = GSW+netLW
Surface energy budget can be computed as RNET-GRDFLX-HFX-LH

But I ended up with very large imbalance of around 200 w/m2. Can anyone suggest me with the correct equation in this context?

Thank you,
I have a few questions:
(1) Which version of WRF did you run?
(2) When you calculate surface energy budget, did you look at a single grid point or domain-average?
(3) Can you upload a plot that shows time series of GSW, LWUPFLUX, HFX, LH , GRDFLX and the net energy balance at a single grid and also the domain average?