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since some time I try to run WRF with CMIP6 MPI-ESM data. I try to create met_em files over South America
and got no errors in WPS. I adapted the Vtable and the METGRID.TBL according to CMIP5 simulations and
the available variables. With soil moisture and soil temperature I run into strange effects on the coast line.
(see attached file). I try to implement the MPI-ESM landmask as LANDMASK in both Vtable and Metgrid.tbl
but the effect won't disappear.

WRF-Simulations do usually crash with a seg-fault after a short simulation period.

Has any one a clue who to fix this?


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The issue you have is related to landmask inconsistency. Apparently there exists discrepancy between the WRF model landmark and CMIP6 soil information, which leads to wrong interpolation along the coast.

Please take a look at this document
In slides 29-36, we demonstrate how to add new landmask to metgrib.tbl so that the soil data can be correctly interpolated.

Hope this is helpful for you.