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Compile WRF but no wrf.exe or real_nm.exe

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I am trying to Compile WRF for eventual use in HWRF. The compilation seems to finish with no errors, and I can't find any errors in the build log. However, the wrf and real_nmm executables aren't being created in the WRF/main directory.

I am using the WRF package contained in the newest HWRF 4.0 release. This is my first time trying to compile WRF so anything will help. I've attached the build log and the configure file.



  • configure.wrf
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  • build.log
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Please send email to for questions related to HWRF. We no longer support WRF-NMM dynamic core.

Look for "undefined" in your "build.log" file. That's the reason for the build falure.

The problem is PNETCDF. It isn't configure right in "configure.wrf". You have a
"-DPNETCDF_QUILT=1" on the ENVCOMPDEFS line, but you don't have a


line in the ARCHFLAGS section.

There may be an error in the HWF package.

For standard WRF, I set the environmental variable PNETCDF_QUILT to 1 before

Be aware that if you are really using PNETCDF and will be using "ready" files, it is possible
the code may be bad. I've fixed it for the standard WRF.
Hi Kevin,

Thanks for your response. I did not set the environmental variable for parallel netcdf. I did that and the build generated the two executables. Thanks for your help!