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compile WRF

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I started to recompile WRF by following the steps in the following URL, I'm going to use 5 libiaries all the time without loading any compiler

cd Build_WRF
git clone --recurse-submodules GitHub - wrf-model/WRF: The official repository for the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model

cd WRF
. /configure
Which of these numbers should I choose? I used to choose 32 and 0
Some people suggest 34 and 1

. /compile em_real >& log.compile

Attached is an error with log.compile that didn't succeed in generating 4 exes.
error: ld returned 1 exit status

I'm going to ask the forum about this, also I've heard that with RACC turned off, the next time I log in to compile WRF and WPS I need to reset the paths to netcdf etc?

Thank you for your help.
If you want to compile WRF with GNU and want to run it serially and with no nests, you can continue to choose options 32 and 0, but if you want to run with multiple processors for parallel computing and may eventually use a nested domain, I would recommend choosing options 34 and 1 for a GNU compile.

There is no attached log.compile file. If you're still having the problem, please issue
./clean -a
and then reconfigure and recompile. Please attach both the log.compile file, as well as the configure.wrf file.

I'm not sure what RACC is, but it is true that if you log out and log back in, you will need to set your environment variables again, UNLESS you set them permanently in your environment scripts (for e.g., .bashrc). If you're unfamiliar with this concept, you can discuss it with a systems administrator at your institution.
Thank you very much.I already solve the problem. I would like to ask another question. When I configure WPS ,there are also some number to choose ,I have choose 34 and 1 When I compiled WRF, so which number should I choose when I compile WPS,I choose 3,is that ok?

Many Thanks
Kind Regards
You want to choose the numbers that match the compiler you're using for WRF. Likely, if you are using 34 for WRF, it's a GNU compiler, which would be option 1 for WPS.