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configure and Use WRF Single-Column Model (SCM)

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Hi everybody,
I hope you are doing well.
I would like to configure and run WRF single-column model (SCM). That would be nice if someone posts step-by-step (!) of doing this or kindly mentions a helpful reference about it.
Any helps would be appreciated.

The steps to build and run the SCM are pretty similar to any other WRF simulation. I recommend following the steps found here for building everything. Once it's built, there should be a README file in the test/em_scm_xy directory with additional information.
Dear Kwerner,
Thank you so much for your kind reply.
How could I prepare initial conditions ( It seems default file is for the default dates (10/22/1999).
I'll be thankful if I hear from you.
Currently the SCM forcing code is only written to work for the specific date given, and we do not currently have the resources to make modifications. If you wanted to use a different date, unfortunately you would need to figure out how to write the code to do so. I apologize I can't provide more information for you.