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Confirming model domain

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I am wondering if there is a way to confirm that the location generated is correct without using ncl (I can't get it to run correctly for some reason). I am using my wrfout* files as an input to a langrangian dispersion code (FLEXPART-WRF) and I keep getting an error that my dispersion grid is outside the domain of my netCDF input (the wrfout files).

I want to make sure my WRF domain is where I think it is. How can I be sure?

1) For visualization, you could try to use ncview (or something similar) to take a look at your domain in your wrfout* files, but to compare it to the domain in your namelist, the NCL script is the only one I'm aware of. When you say that NCL is not working, I assume that you are referring to the plotgrids*.ncl script? Can you tell me what is happening when you run this, or send the error message you receive?

2) Is it possible that you are using a different map projection for your new geogrid domain, than is used for the wrfout* files?

3) Which executable are you running when you get the error stating that your grid is outside the domain of your netCDF input? Can you send the log file for that? Can you also attach one of your wrfout* files, as well as your namelist.wps file? Thanks!