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CONUS parametrization


New member

I have been doing tests changing the parameterizations in the namelis.input, originally I used the Tropical physics suite for a region in the southern Gulf of Mexico, but, when I decided to change the parameterizations to CONUS to see the variation of the variables, I have been having problems with the number of variables that have been generated in the UPP and I even noticed that the same number of variables are not generated in the wrfout. Does the change between CONUS and Tropical change the number of variables that the WRF outputs? or What could be happening?

Many of the variables output are specifically-related to the physics options chosen during a simulation. Since you're changing the physics options, some of those output variables may change, and that is expected.
Does that mean that I can have more or less output variables based on the physic suite that I choose or do I have the same number of output variables but a different way of calculating them?
Yes, the number of variables output could depend on the physics option, and the method in which these variables are calculated depends on the methods used within the physics routine.