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Convert Multiband Raster to WPS binary (RESOLVED)

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Dear, I hope you are well.

I generated a raster (geotiff) file with 12 bands (each band is a month). This file has albedo data. I want to replace the default albedo data used by WPS with this new data that I generated. I researched a lot and found that GDAL has a limitation and it would not be possible to convert my Geotiff file to binary raster, as it has 12 bands. The write_geogrid.c program, as I understand it, would not be able to do this conversion either.

I would like to know what procedure should I do to get the conversion of my file.

Thank you in advance, and I apologize for not inserting any files or step by step of what I have done so far, as I have not achieved much progress.
Thanks a lot for the help. The suggestion made in this topic recommended by you worked for me, I converted each band in the Geotiff file to binary raster individually and then I applied the cat command to join the binaries into a single file.