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Converting Projection of WRF Output file


New member
Dear All
I am trying to convert LCC projection to UTM projection using python. below is my code

# Define the source (Lambert Conformal) and destination (UTM) projections
lambert = pyproj.Proj(proj='lcc',lat_0 = 49.8, lon_0=6.0, lat_1=6.1, lat_2=12.2, a=6370000, b=6370000)
utm = pyproj.Proj(proj='utm', zone=32, northern=True, datum='WGS84')
# Create a transformer object
transformer = Transformer.from_proj(lambert, utm)

# Get the XLAT and XLON arrays
XLAT_variable = [s for s in subdatasets if "XLAT" in s[0]][0]
XLAT_dataset = gdal.Open(XLAT_variable[0])
XLAT_data = XLAT_dataset.ReadAsArray()

XLONG_variable = [s for s in subdatasets if "XLONG" in s[0]][0]
XLONG_dataset = gdal.Open(XLONG_variable[0])
XLONG_data = XLONG_dataset.ReadAsArray()

# Perform the transformation
x, y = transformer.transform(XLAT_data, XLONG_data)

But it is plotting data somewhere else. is it normal ? or WRF projection can not be converted to UTM projection. If there is a way what is that ?

Thanks for your help