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Correspondence between module and each physical option number

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I don't know the correspondence between modules in the ./phys directory and each physical option number. Does anyone know about this or know where to find reference materials?
Unfortunately we don't have any sort of documentation that describes this, but most of them are named close to what they are called. You can find information about the setting number and the scheme name in chapter 5 of the Users' Guide

If you have questions about file names of specific schemes let me know and I can help.
Thank you for your reply.
I'm sorry. I ca n’t find it, so I ’m a question.

In Surface Layer (sf_sfclay_physics)
・ MM5 similarity (sf_sfclay_physics = 1)
・ Eta similarity (sf_sfclay_physics = 2)

Which of the following modules are used in each scheme? The version used is 3.3.1.

module_sf_bem.F module_sf_pxlsm.o
module_sf_bem.f90 module_sf_pxsfclay.F*
module_sf_bem.o module_sf_pxsfclay.f90
module_sf_bep_bem.F module_sf_pxsfclay.o
module_sf_bep_bem.f90 module_sf_qnsesfc.F*
module_sf_bep_bem.o module_sf_qnsesfc.f90
module_sf_bep.F module_sf_qnsesfc.o
module_sf_bep.f90 module_sf_ruclsm.F
module_sf_bep.o module_sf_ruclsm.f90
module_sf_gfdl.F* module_sf_ruclsm.o
module_sf_gfdl.f90 module_sf_sfcdiags.F
module_sf_gfdl.o module_sf_sfcdiags.f90
module_sf_gfs.F* module_sf_sfcdiags.o
module_sf_gfs.f90 module_sf_sfcdiags_ruclsm.F
module_sf_gfs.o module_sf_sfcdiags_ruclsm.f90
module_sf_idealscmsfclay.F module_sf_sfcdiags_ruclsm.o
module_sf_idealscmsfclay.f90 module_sf_sfclay.F
module_sf_idealscmsfclay.o module_sf_sfclay.f90
module_sf_myjsfc.F* module_sf_sfclay.o
module_sf_myjsfc.f90 module_sf_slab.F
module_sf_myjsfc.o module_sf_slab.f90
module_sf_mynn.F module_sf_slab.o
module_sf_mynn.f90 module_sf_sstskin.F
module_sf_mynn.o module_sf_sstskin.f90
module_sf_noahdrv.F module_sf_sstskin.o
module_sf_noahdrv.f90 module_sf_temfsfclay.F
module_sf_noahdrv.o module_sf_temfsfclay.f90
module_sf_noahlsm.F module_sf_temfsfclay.o
module_sf_noahlsm.f90 module_sf_tmnupdate.F
module_sf_noahlsm.o module_sf_tmnupdate.f90
module_sf_oml.F module_sf_tmnupdate.o
module_sf_oml.f90 module_sf_urban.F
module_sf_oml.o module_sf_urban.f90
module_sf_pxlsm.F* module_sf_urban.o
The following modules correspond to the 2 options you mentioned:
1) sf_sfclay_physics = 1 (module_sf_sfclay.F)
2) sf_sfclay_physics = 2 (module_sf_myjsfc.F)