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Creating a 2D idealized case and updating U-winds periodically

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I would like to make two modifications to WRF in order to run a series of idealized simulations:

1) I'd like to create a new 2D case with no topography. I am inquiring about which files I need to modify in order to create a new 2D case.

2) I know it's fairly common to add a heat source in idealized simulations. I would like to do something similar, but rather than modify T or Theta, I'd like to update U. What I'm hoping to do is, say, every 20 timesteps, I'd like to set U to prescribed values in a particular area of the domain. I'm inquiring which source files/subroutines I'll need to modify, to make sure I insert this into the correct place. I'm also inquiring as to which array I need to update with the new U values.

To simplify the process of submiting a large number of simulations, I'll also need to make some updates to the namelist. Tere appear to be a number of good documents online explaining how to do that, so I anticipate that will be fairly simple. I also have some idea of what needs to be done to address the two questions I asked, though I'm not totally sure. Any guidance would be much appreciated.



1) Take a look at this FAQ post that discusses creating a new ideal case:
I would just pick one of the existing 2d ideal cases and mimic it to create your case. Perhaps one of the existing ones is already close to what you want, and you could just modify it, minimally?

2) For this question, take a look at this post:
This person wanted to do something similar, but for LAI and albedo. I suppose you could do the same for U. Ignore the fact that the user had a 3-domain nested case, and only wanted to do this for d03, but the rest of the instructions may be useful for you. When you run real.exe you will have a new auxiliary file created that will be used to update the value of U as the model progresses.