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Creating Vtable

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I already tried to run with the WRF-4.2.2 model (WPS-4.2) successfully with GFS data. However, in my projects, I should use the data from KMA (Korean Meteorological Agency) in order to run the South Korean region. In metgrid.exe, I always get errors. I search in google and found out that the problem was in ungrib.exe, specifically on Vtable.KMA. So I search it here: but I didn't find it as a file that this report mentioned:

So far, I'm still asked KMA to give me Vtable, but if they do not provide it. I want to create Vtable on my own. The truth is, I'm still working on editing Vtable by following others' explanations in one of the forums. But until now, I'm still failed. Any suggestion on how to create Vtable, set up the boundary for initial conditions, and whats data input available?

Hereby I attached my intermediate, ungrib.log, and metgrid.log

Thank you in advance, any kind of reply will help us so much.


  • metgrid_KMA.log
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  • ungrib_KMA.log
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  • Intermediate.KMA.txt
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Please take a look at the document below, which provides detailed instruction how to create Vtable:

Hope this is helpful.
Thank you for your reply
Yes, I knew how to create the Vtable format, however, Vtables were different in many meteorological data.
I wonder how to specify the data inputs from the grib that is needed for creating the Vtable?
In the User Guide, it make clear that you need to figure put those parameters that specify the GRIB codes for various meteorological fields. Different data sets may use different GRIB codes for the same field – for example, temperature at upper-air levels has GRIB code 11 in GFS data, but GRIB code 130 in ECMWF data. To find the GRIB code for a field, the g1print.exe and g2print.exe utility program may be used.