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Deng shallow cumulus/PBL model error

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I am in the process of running a simulation that follows the WRF-Solar reference configuration ( > Reference Config tab), but I run into the following error message:

-------------- FATAL CALLED ---------------
FATAL CALLED FROM FILE:  <stdin>  LINE:     587
 PSU DENG ShCu currently does not support PBL option:            0

On my namelist.input, the physics models are set up as such for my 2-domain case:

 mp_physics                          = 8,       8,
 ra_lw_physics 			     = 4,       4,
 ra_sw_physics 			     = 4,       4,
 radt 				     = 12,      12,
 sf_sfclay_physics		     = 1,       1,
 sf_surface_physics 		     = 2,       2,
 bl_pbl_physics 		     = 5,       5,
 bldt 				     = 0,       0,
 bl_mynn_tkeadvect 		     = .true.,  .true.,
 cu_physics 			     = 0,       0,
 cu_rad_feedback 		     = .false.,  .false.,
 cudt 				     = 0,       0,
 bl_mynn_edmf 			     = 0,       0,
 shcu_physics 			     = 5,       5,
 isfflx 			     = 1,
 ifsnow 			     = 1,
 icloud 			     = 1,
 icloud_bl 			     = 0,
 num_soil_layers 		     = 4,
 sf_urban_physics 		     = 0,       0,
 num_land_cat 			     = 21,
 aer_opt 			     = 1,
 swint_opt 			     = 2,
 usemonalb 			     = .true.,

Deng's shallow cumulus model has been paired with the MYNN2 PBL scheme (model number 5), hence I am not sure why the code produces the above error ("DENG ShCu currently does not support PBL option: 0"). Could this be a bug similar to, or is this error related to the choice of models on the WRF-Solar reference configuration? On a related note, can the shcu_physics option run independently from cu_physics, even when the latter is turned off?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

This is different to the errors posted in
I believe this is a different issue. The namelist.input you posted looks 100% fine , and all the options look correct. I did notice that you turn off cumulus scheme, which is reasonable since Deng shallow convection actually also considers deep convection.
The error message is given in phys/module_shallowcu_driver.F, which should appear only when PBL is not MYJ or MYNN. Apparently the code went wrong somewhere when bl_pbl_physics is passed to Deng scheme.
I guess this is not s standard WRF. Please let me know if I am wrong.
Hi Ming,

Many thanks for the prompt reply. I am using WRF version 4.2.1, as downloaded from the official GitHub page (unmodified).

I would expect these physics options to work, given that they correspond to the reference WRF-Solar configuration and since they don't violate any physics requirements (as you said, Deng's model shcu_physics = 5 should be compatible with MYNN bl_pbl_phyics = 5).

Let me know if you figure out why the code would pass a wrong value of bl_pbl_physics to the shallowcu_driver module.

Just following up on this conversation... I still haven't figured out how to overcome this issue with the physics models for the WRF-Solar reference configuration. Any input/comments are welcome.