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Different output between 3.5.1 and 4.2.2 WRF versions

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Dear all,

i ran two independent simulations with same gfs input and same name.liste using WRF 3.5.1 and WRF 4.2.2.
I have got two different output.

Specifically, using the "ncdump -h" command to the output generated with version 4.2.2, I found:

THIS_IS_AN_IDEAL_RUN:description = "T/F flag: this is an ARW ideal simulation"

I don't understand why there is this output message although both WRF versions were compiled in real mode (in both installations I have "main/real.exe" file).

In attachment, I send you the two txt output of the ncdump -h command.

Thanks a lot for your replies,



  • ncdump-h_4-2-2.txt
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  • ncdump-h_3-5-1.txt
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It seems to me that in the WRF 4.2.2 version the variable "THIS_IS_AN_IDEAL_RUN" has been inserted which in the WRF 3.5.1 version was not present. I have verified that in my output (4.2.2) it always has a value of 0. Can I consider the two outputs to be similar?
The two outputs can be treated as similar. The variable THIS_IS_AN_IDEAL_RUN is just used to indicate whether this case is a real data case or an ideal case. So it doesn't affect your result.