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Does GFS data contain SST parameters?


New member

I'm initilizing my WRF forcast model with GFS data. I was under the impression the GFS contained SST information but I can't see it in the parameter list anywhere. Does anyone know if it's under a different parameter name or somthing like that?

If its not included is there a reliable source for it anyone can reccomend?

Is there another paramter that the WRF would use in its place I was wondering? Skin temp or something similar? I'm thinking I may need to add it from another source for accurate forcasts over an ocean area...
A resolution of 6 hours or more is the best, but no such satellite SST production has been found.
The WRF online tutorial has a case for using daily SST data. They adjust the namelist so Ungrib interpolates it to 6 hour intervals I believe…