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domain extent error


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Hi WRF Forum,
Today I met a problem. Figure at left sight is generated by 'ncl util/plotgrids_new.ncl'. When the WRF model finished, the wrfout result is as showed at right side. Why the extent is not the same? I use map_proj = 'lambert' in the namelist file. Moreever, I use ERA5 data in ungrib section. It seems that it has something do with the map projection, but I do not how to control.



  • namelist.wps
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Your namelist.wps looks fine.
How did you produce the right figure? Does it show variables from wrfout?
I guess the distortion shown in your right panel is caused by possible errors in your NCl script. I don't think the model went wrong and produced such a problem. Please take a look at the website below:

It provides helpful information to plot WRF data on its native grids.