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domain index into parameterization

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New member

Is anyone aware of a way to get info on the running domain ID within the module_pbl_myjpbl.F routine? Is the domain ID accessible within this routine (I could not find it), or do I need to pass it as a new argument? I need to have the info on the running ID, that is whether is the coarse or nest domain, at runtime as I am adding an algorithm within this routine for our applications, which is dependent upon the domain ID.

Thank you very much for any help you could provide.

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You can pass the variable grid_id to physics_pbl_driver, and then to module_pbl_myjpbl.F. One good example is the code module_cu_kfcup.F, in which grid_id is used. You can follow the similar approach to make grid_id available in PBL.

Ming Chen

I just take a further look at the PBL driver. It turns out that the grid_id has already been included in the driver. You can find the dummy argument 'id' in module_pbl_driver.F, which is the grid_id you need. From there, you can pass this variable to module_bl_myjpbl.F. Please remember to declare it as 'integer'.

Ming Chen