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Donwscale CESM-DPLE simulations using WRF


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Dear forum

I am planning to downscale CESM-DPLE simulations using WRF. Based on this post I am not sure if all the variables needed are available (WPS ECMWF (ds626.0) surface and isobaric levels as initial and boundary conditions) and the files I have from CESM-DPLE are in NetCDF format. The variables are skin temperature, sea level pressure, SST, surface pressure, specific humidity, temperature, and u and v component of wind, 2m temperature, soil temperature (in top 10 cm of soil and vegetated land units), 10 m u and v and volumetric soil level, surface Geopotential and Geopotential height at 300 and 500 mb.

I would like to know if i)I can run WRF with only these variables. I only have volumetric soil water and not soil moisture and Geopotential height only available at surface 300 and 500 mb and ii)someone can help me convert these files to intermediate WPS format.



Required Meteorological Fields for Running WRF are listed below:​

Field name in intermediate file
TTK3-d air temperature
RH%3-d relative humidityNot needed if SPECHUMD is available
SPECHUMDkg kg-13-d specific humidityNot needed if RH is available
UUm s-13-d wind u-component
VVm s-13-d wind v-component
GHTm3-d geopotential height
PRESSUREPa3-d pressureOnly needed for non-isobaric datasets
PSFCPaSurface pressure
PMSLPaMean sea-level pressure
SKINTEMPKSkin temperature
SOILHGTmSoil height
TTK2-meter air temperature
RH%2-meter relative humidityNot needed if SPECHUMD is available
SPECHUMDkg kg-12-meter specific humidityNot needed if RH is available
UUm s-110-meter wind u-component
VVm s-110-meter wind v-component
LANDSEAfractionLand-sea mask (0=water, 1=land)
SMtttbbbm3 m-3Soil moisture'ttt' is the layer top depth in cm, and 'bbb' is the layer bottom depth in cm
STtttbbbKSoil temperature
SOILMmmmkg m-3Soil moisture'mmm' is the level depth in cm, not needed if SMtttbbb available
SOILTmmmKSoil temperature