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double free or corruption

When I using WRF-Chem with the version 4.4.2 on Cheyenne, the model quits at the first time step.
224 cpu are used and the debug_level is 500. CBMZ and MOSAOC are used and the detailed information is in the namelist.
I have compressed some of the rsl.* files with "Error" and namelist.input into the attachment.
I'd appreciate it if you help me to figure it out !!!
d01 2018-07-27_00:00:00 calling kpp_mechanism_driver
d01 2018-07-27_00:00:00 chem_driver(01): Calling dchm_tstep_set
d01 2018-07-27_00:00:00 no gocart so2-so4 conversion
d01 2018-07-27_00:00:00 cloudchem_driver calling mosaic_cloudchem_driver
*** Error in `./wrf.exe': double free or corruption (!prev): 0x000000001673a800 ***
======= Backtrace: =========


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