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Eliminating fluxes at radii from TC center

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I am interested in running WRF simulations (real and idealized), in which surface fluxes are eliminated at specified radii and/or annuli from the TC center (e.g. between 40 km and 60 km from the TC center).

Does anyone have experience in doing this? If so, could you explain how you did this? I think the module that must be modified is module_sf_sfclay.F.

Thank you very much.

Surface fluxes are computed first in sfclay scheme, and then recomputed in surface scheme over land points. If the area where you plan to eliminate surface fluxes is located in ocean, you can always modify the code "module_surface_driver.F" to do so. In this way you don't need to worry which sfclay scheme you are using. Of course you can also go to the specific sfclay scheme you use, and change codes inside.

Ming Chen