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em_quarter_ss simulation with own sounding providing messy vertical wind patterns

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I am trying to simulate 3-D quarter-circle shear supercell simulation with my own input sounding data. My output vertical velocity plot looks messy. I run my simulation with the default input sounding data and got the same kind of plot when I increased the number of grid boxes from the default 42 to 162 and run for three hours. I used the default namelist variables except for grid the number of grid boxes along east-west and north-south directions. I applied vertical dumping option, used 6th order diffusion option, changed dumping coefficient but failed to solve the problem. I am enclosing my simulation output and looking forward to your help to sort this put.

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Did you every get an answer for this?

It doesn't appear to me that anything is wrong with your simulation. There is some noise in the W field but it's not much more than in the control case.

Dave Nolan
Can you change the mp_physics to WSM3 and see whether the problem is gone? We found a bug in recently in Kessler scheme and we are trying to fix this issue.I am not sure whether this is the reason for the messy vertical velocity.